Saturday, 2 February 2013

Can't tell me nothing

Earrings- Topshop, Necklace - Primark, Shirt - Thrifted, Lita lookalikes - Ebay, Rucksack - River Island
This is what I'm wearing out tonight, haven't had a proper night out in forever so I'm quite excited. I found this beautiful shirt in a charity shop the other day I think it was about £4 which I consider a bit expensive for charity shop prices but hey still a bargain! The necklace was another bargain I spotted in the clearance section of my local primark for a pound or two, Its so cool and really hard to describe haha the pieces are sort of clear and sparkly but in the light they sparkle different colours, you can kind of see in the pictures. Well done primark! Chucked on my Lita lookalikes as they are my go to shoes at the moment.

Mina xxxxx


  1. Such a good bargain, looks fab! In love with your shoes!!
    Thanks for the comment and follow on my blog, i'm following you back :)

  2. Your shoes are amazing! Love this look as a whole, that rucksack I want:) xx