Thursday, 21 February 2013


Shirt-Thrifted, Skirt-Primark, Shoes-eBay, Bag-River Island, Collar studs- Miss selfridge

Sorry I haven't posted all week, I think I finally caught the cold that's going round :( been feeling so rubbish. Anyway had a day off work today and this is what I wore - minus the gigantic heels but they arrived the other day and I couldn't resist showing them to y'all. These are the UNIF Hellbound copies I purchased from eBay the other day and for a fraction of the price of the real things I think they're pretty alright! (AND SO COMFY YOUR FOOT IS PRETTY MUCH FLAT). The skirt was from primark a month or two back the material is lovely and soft and its nice length, perfect day to day skirt, the shirt I thrifted years ago and is probably my wardrobe staple.

In other news I got tickets to see BEYONCE today! I am so excited!! I've been to my fair share of gigs and festivals but never anything at the o2, Are any of you going? :)

Mina xxxxxx

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Glam Rock

Top - Old (mum's old ballet cardigan) Disco Pants - American Apparel, Boots - Office, Bag - Zara
Meet my new boots/stilts I bought yesterday for only £20 in the Office sale - reduced from £95! I know they probably aren't everyone's cup of tea but I love them. My mum said they remind her of the boots ABBA used to wear haha so she's not a fan. Going for the Glam rock vibe I paired them with my black disco pants and this cute ballet cardigan that used to be my mums when she was my age. This bag I got for Christmas with a silver metal trim matches perfectly with the silver trim on the shoes.

Sorry I haven't posted this week I've had a very busy week at work, we had to go to Reading Bhs and help get the store looking fantastic for a visit, ended up working verrrry long days!

Mina xxxxx

Monday, 4 February 2013

Pumped up kicks

Hat -Next, Top & Jeans - Topshop, Jacket - Vintage , Shoes - River Island
Pretty casual outfit this evening, I'm back to work after having a week off and intensely tired hence the bedraggled hair and lack of make up. Matching my hat with my jeans today, and my jacket and top with my shoes matchy matchy haha. I bought these flatforms a month or two ago after realising my total lack of casual shoes, being a short girl I want my shoes to give me a bit of extra height so flatforms are perfect for me! The jacket I found in Newbury clothing warehouse which is basically like a huge really well organised charity shop, If you live anywhere nearby I would advise a visit I've found so many cool pieces there!

Mina xxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Can't tell me nothing

Earrings- Topshop, Necklace - Primark, Shirt - Thrifted, Lita lookalikes - Ebay, Rucksack - River Island
This is what I'm wearing out tonight, haven't had a proper night out in forever so I'm quite excited. I found this beautiful shirt in a charity shop the other day I think it was about £4 which I consider a bit expensive for charity shop prices but hey still a bargain! The necklace was another bargain I spotted in the clearance section of my local primark for a pound or two, Its so cool and really hard to describe haha the pieces are sort of clear and sparkly but in the light they sparkle different colours, you can kind of see in the pictures. Well done primark! Chucked on my Lita lookalikes as they are my go to shoes at the moment.

Mina xxxxx

Friday, 1 February 2013

Total Life Forever

Crop Polo - Vintage, Disco Pants - American Apparel, Lita lookalikes - Ebay, Rucksack - River Island
Quite a casual outfit today, I had to pop into town to run some errands earlier but other than that i've just been chilling at home and trying to sort through my masses of clothes - I need to get rid of some! In looking through my clothes I came across this cute cropped polo top I picked up in a charity shop ages ago and haven't worn yet. Thought it looked cute paired with my navy disco pants. Chucked on my lookalike litas as they are sooo very comfy and make any outfit look a bit more glamorous.

Have a good friday!

Mina xxxxxxx