Sunday, 2 June 2013

I'm back

So my camera broke and I was feeling quite unmotivated fashion wise, not to mention being super busy with work and stuff. Saving for a new camera but in the mean time the camera on my new phone is fantastic and is super easy to blog from sooo I'm gonna try doing it this way. Means I can blog more regularly as I can do it on the go and there's no faffing of downloading the photos on to my laptop and stuff (which is the bit that bores me and I can never be bothered to do haha) so much more straightforward!

Anyway heres my outfit today :)

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Paris (Picture Heavy!)

Hey guys, Just a few pics from Paris that I have only just round to uploading (I have been a bad bad blogger), We had such a good time and are planning on going back next year too! Will try to get some posts up soon just have had the most hectic couple of weeks at work, Had to go to the Watford store for most of this week and work night shifts trying to make the store look perfect, so this weekend I am just slopping about in my pj's and trying to catch up on sleep!

lots of love Mina xxxxxx

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Au Revoir

Love going away and having all my money in notes rather than on a bank card. Makes me feel richer
Off to Paris tomorrow morning, Will try and get some good pics and try and do some ootd's while I'm out there. I AM SO EXCITED haven't been abroad in forever!

Mina xxxxxx

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

So appalled

Jacket- H&M, Top - thrift/diy, Leggings - Primark, Lita lookalikes -Ebay

Sorry for going AWOL for a bit, just been busy with work and stuff. I'm on holiday from work at the moment so I can post more :). Got an exciting week coming up me and the boyfriend leave to go to Paris for four nights on Thursday, we get back on Monday and I have my first driving lesson on Tuesday. I literally cant wait till we go I'm spending today finishing off packing (I am so bad at packing I always horrendously over pack!) and tidying up my room. Time seems to be going awfully slowly! Minus the jacket this outfits pretty bog standard but I wanted to show you the jacket its possibly my favourite thing I've perchased in the last few months. Cant wait till the weather gets a bit warmer so I can wear it without having to layer it under a huge coat!

Mina xxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 4 March 2013

Bargain of the month

Sunglasses - Primark? (very old!), shirt - Primark, Velvet Leggings - Next, Shoes - Topshop, Bag - Zara
Hello! Just a quick post to show y'all this absolute bargain of a shirt I bought last week in Primark! I only popped in there on my lunch break to find a cheap cardi as my work was freezing (the heating's always playing up I'm either boiling or frozen), I spotted it just about to leave and I fell in love with the colour of the print and then fell a little bit more in love as I drew closer and realised it was fishes! So cute and I havent seen anything else with fish printed on it. It reminded me of a shirt I was going to buy from Topshop a little while ago probably for about triple the price - This shirt is only £12! Decided to break my spending ban and purchase it as it was so cheap. Me and the boyfriend are off to Paris for a long weekend at the end of this month so I'm trying to keep lots of money aside for a Parisian shopping trip!

Anyone else picked up any bargains?

Mina xxxxxx

Thursday, 21 February 2013


Shirt-Thrifted, Skirt-Primark, Shoes-eBay, Bag-River Island, Collar studs- Miss selfridge

Sorry I haven't posted all week, I think I finally caught the cold that's going round :( been feeling so rubbish. Anyway had a day off work today and this is what I wore - minus the gigantic heels but they arrived the other day and I couldn't resist showing them to y'all. These are the UNIF Hellbound copies I purchased from eBay the other day and for a fraction of the price of the real things I think they're pretty alright! (AND SO COMFY YOUR FOOT IS PRETTY MUCH FLAT). The skirt was from primark a month or two back the material is lovely and soft and its nice length, perfect day to day skirt, the shirt I thrifted years ago and is probably my wardrobe staple.

In other news I got tickets to see BEYONCE today! I am so excited!! I've been to my fair share of gigs and festivals but never anything at the o2, Are any of you going? :)

Mina xxxxxx

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Glam Rock

Top - Old (mum's old ballet cardigan) Disco Pants - American Apparel, Boots - Office, Bag - Zara
Meet my new boots/stilts I bought yesterday for only £20 in the Office sale - reduced from £95! I know they probably aren't everyone's cup of tea but I love them. My mum said they remind her of the boots ABBA used to wear haha so she's not a fan. Going for the Glam rock vibe I paired them with my black disco pants and this cute ballet cardigan that used to be my mums when she was my age. This bag I got for Christmas with a silver metal trim matches perfectly with the silver trim on the shoes.

Sorry I haven't posted this week I've had a very busy week at work, we had to go to Reading Bhs and help get the store looking fantastic for a visit, ended up working verrrry long days!

Mina xxxxx