Thursday, 31 January 2013

Allow me to introduce myself

This is me - being vain in front of a webcam, haha.  What girl isn't guilty of a little bit of web cam whoring?

I'm Mina, I'm 19 years old. I love fashion and shopping, in fact I think I have a shopping addiction. Three large chests of drawers take up most of the space in my room and all three are overflowing + there may be a couple of clothing mountains on the floor (ooops). I have too many clothes. This blog will be for me to share my daily outfits and clothing hauls when I go shopping. 

I'm not completely new to this whole blogging business I used to share a blog with my best friend Laura ( - My old outfits can be seen at the beginning of the blog if you fancied having a gander but do check it out anyway as Laura has kept it up and I know I enjoy reading it!) I started finding it difficult to find the time to blog as I started a new job working full time. However I feel I've settled into a routine now and to be honest I really missed blogging! So here goes...


Mina xxxxxxxx

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